Landscape Design

Front Stoop Pocket Gardens' designs are carefully created with a commitment to ecology and sustainability. Our designs are influenced by many of the principles of permaculture and feature native plants, which we attempt to source locally. Below are listed a small sampling of our past projects.


Wildlife-Friendly POcket Garden in Suburbia

A small garden and sidewalk border were created to attract pollinators and wildlife at the request of the client, while simultaneously incorporating plants resistant to the prolific deer population in the region.

Image courtesy of: Skidmore College

Image courtesy of: Skidmore College

The Skidmore Community Garden

In 2013, the Skidmore Student Garden was in need of a new home, and was offered a space adjacent to the Case Student Center, right in the heart of the campus. Because of the high profile location, the new garden needed to be aesthetically pleasing, spacious, and inviting. The design—meant to evoke the image of a butterfly wing—was inspired by the unique topography of the site.


The Forest Garden, Flying Trillium Gardens & Nature Preserve

The Forest Garden is an ongoing restoration project, initiated after caused significant damage to a forested area of the Gardens & Preserve. The purpose of the Forest Garden is to demonstrate a healthy forest ecosystem with plants native to the Eastern woodlands.