Our Process

We take the impact of our designs very seriously. All of our designs are carefully thought out with consideration towards the client's needs as well as the ecology of the site. Every project is different, but the following is a general step-by-step of how the design process unfolds.

Initial On-site Consultation. The first step in any project is to contact us and schedule a consultation. This is a preliminary meeting, where we will meet with you to walk the site, discuss your needs and goals, and determine the best course of action. After this meeting we will present you with a general estimate of the project and the cost of our services. From here, you can decide if you would like to proceed.

Site Analysis. Should you choose to proceed with us, we will follow-up with another site visitation. This visit is more in-depth, taking measurements, soil samples, etc.

To the Drafting Table. We will take the information gathered from our visits to put together a few draft concepts and work with you to develop them into the plan you require. During this time, we will be in contact, with one or more physical or virtual meetings. 

Execution. Depending on the scale of the project, the client may decide to hire a subcontractor to execute the design. We do prefer to do our own sourcing of plant materials and installations whenever possible.